Thursday, 21 October 2010

Watching Scary Movies With My Sister And Littile Brother

Yesterday,me and my sister and my little brother are watching  Scary movies,It was 'Goblin','Burried Alive' and ' The Final Destination',Actually the Final Destination is not that scary,it was just about blood that came everywhere,it was kinda scary for me,i don't  know if u guys scared of blood.Anyway,the movies was so scary,it make me wanna screamed.i like the 'Goblin' movie cause it was so scary,let me tell u a story about a 'Goblin' movie. 

                   There was a small town name Hollow Glen,Hollow Glen town was CURSED by a Witch.The witch have one baby boy name ben,all of the people in Hollow Glen know that the baby was cursed and the baby was bad,so all of the Hollow Glen decided to throw the baby in a fire,isn't that crazy or weird,a baby,a small baby have been thrown in a fire.i know the baby was bad and cursed.Anyway,the mom or the witch are so sad plus angry and put some spell on the baby,she make the bone of the baby to be a GOBLIN.the goblin was so smelly and look ugly too.A past few Year,the mom or the witch lets just called it The Witch.The witch said " I shouldn't put some spell on the baby,I shouldn't . . . I SHOULDN'T  !!!!!" She screamed and screamed and keep saying I shouldn't,she cry and cry and keep standing watching her baby's photo.That's all i can remember.Hope u all like my story.

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